What are the obligations of the Contractor during Defect Liability Period?

Defect Liability Period (DLP) is a common feature in all the standard form of construction contracts in Malaysia, i.e. PAM06 / PAM98 / JKR PWD 203/ IEM 2011/ CIDB 2000. During the DLP, the Contractor is obliged and liable to rectify defects that appear between the period the Certificate of Practical Completion (CPC) is issued and the expiry of the DLP.

Before answering this question, lets define defects or defective works. In general terms defects or defective works is where the standard and quality of workmanship and materials as specified in the contract is deficient. Defects can be specified into two main categories, Patent Defects and Latent Defects. Patent Defects are defects that can be discovered by normal examination or testing whereas Latent Defects are defects that are not discoverable by normal examination or testing which manifests itself after a period of time.

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