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About Entrusty

A multi-disciplinary group providing comprehensive consultancy, advisory and management services in commercial & contractual, project construction, facilities, quality and value management, executive search/personnel recruitment as well as corporate training/seminars/workshop to various industries particularly in construction and petrochemical, both locally and internationally.

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In searching for practical and cost-effective solutions for our clients, we apply our professional knowledge, skills, experience, understanding and familiarity of engineering and construction management activities at every level, giving due consideration to local values, cultures, customs and practices. Our management team and personnel are “hands on” and we can provide our range of services to meet the needs of our clients.


We strongly believe that for a project to be implemented successfully it is of paramount importance that effective management and control of both internal and external resources is made available. We are, therefore dedicated in providing our clients the essential services necessary to ensure the achievement of a successful projects conclusion and solutions.



What is Head Office Overheads?

The calculations of head office overheads or “extended home office overheads” have been puzzling many in the construction industry for a number of years. As…

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