We provides professional consultancy, facilitative workshops, seminars, trainings and other related services in the area of:


VMQS© workshops using an integrated and structured approach involving consultancy, training, development and documentation of Value-Managed Quality System and its manual leading to the implementation of an effective Quality Management System that complies with current ISO standards.

Risk Management

All projects carry risks.  With increasing demands in the project environment to do more with less and with increasing complexity, risks abound like never before.  In parallel, and possibly as a consequence, the awareness and implementation of risk management is gaining momentum.

Risk Management Workshop

Risk Management workshops bring together key team members to identify, assess, analyse, evaluate, priortise project / organizational risks and crating and implementing risk management strategies.


Partnering is a structured management approach which foster team-working across contractual boundaries thereby enabling the parties to function more effectively and efficiently.

Partnering Workshops

Partnering workshops help parties to work better together in a project, it encourages the development of trust, team work and personal relationship.  Partnering avoids confrontation and minimizes the likelihood of disputes.  Joint objectives are agreed then monitored throughout the project life.

Strategic Inquiry

Harnessing a broad range of stakeholder inputs in identifying issues and establishing a strategic diagnosis and a direction for planning and / or project initiation.

Life Cycle Costing (Cost in-use)

An analytical and management tool which emphasis on systematic economic evaluation to achieve least total life cycle costs.  The tool employs concepts in life cycle costs time value for money and discounting techniques to derive at the total life cycle costs in present value terms.