Pro-Value Management Sdn Bhd

The Company

Pro-Value Management Sdn Bhd was established to promote and practice Value Management (VM), VM-related processes and Value-Managed Quality System across a range of industries such as Building, Construction, Engineering, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Information Techonogy, Telecommunication, Infrastructure, Education, and more.

Value Management

VM is a practical methodology which maximises the value of products, projects, system and/or business processes whilst maintaining/enhancing quality and performance expectations.

 VM Workshops

Our workshop separates NEEDS from WANTS and has 2 phases

  • STRATEGIC phase addresses WHAT must be done
  • DESIGN phase addresses HOW best to do it

Our international facilitators are internationally renowned experts with a  Combined experience of over 50 years on more than 700 VM and VM related process workshops in Australasia, Europe and South East Asia.

International Value Management Seminar & Training Programme

In association with our partners from Australia and the United Kingdom, we are able, we are able to conduct VM training at international level. Our VM training varies from a one-day awareness overview to a 5-day two modules programme. The two-module programme is accredited by the Institute of Value Management Australia (IVMA) and endorsed by Construction Industry Development Board, Malaysia. (CIDB). Apart from providing accredited training programme, our seminars/workshops and training packages are tailored to suit specific organisations’ needs.

 VM Audit

A Value Management Team comprises of Architect, Engineer, Quantity Surveyor, Builder and VM Facilitator providing assessment and feasibility studies on value and economics of projects to be undertaken.

Value-Managed Quality System

Quality Management System is defined as ‘All co-ordinated activities undertaken to direct and control an organisation with regard to achieving quality requirements for products and services.’ (ISO 9000 Standard)

With the vision of searching improvement and enhancement of value in Quality Management System, PVM has developed the concept of Value-Managed Quality System (VMQS ©) and defines it as ‘A quality management system that complies with the current ISO standard by integrating value management into the quality system for continual improvement’.

 Benefits of VMQS ©:

  • Better quality system and  performance
  • Better focus on company objectives
  • Achieve value for money
  • Improved functionality/efficiency
  • Reduction in time and cost
  • Foster and improve team working

For further information, please contact:

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58100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Entrusty Group A multi-disciplinary group providing comprehensive consultancy, advisory and management services in commercial & contractual, project, construction, facilities, quality and value management, cost management, executive search/personnel recruitment as well as corporate training/seminars/workshops to various industries particularly in construction and petrochemical, both locally and internationally.