Practical Construction Contract Administration/Management Training Programme

For 2018 Training Programme on Practical Construction Contract Administration/Management series, there will be nine (9) comprehensive training sessions, covering a wide spectrum of construction contract administration and management topics, including updates related to construction case law, which affect and are of interest to the various industry players. In addition, at the end of each session, there will be a Workshop/Q&A discussion relating each topic presented.

Most sessions are stand-alone session, based on BK Entrusty series of construction contract and management articles in areas of project, commercial, contracts, risks, quality, value and the like, published in MBAM Journal since 2002 until 2017. Primary reference will be made to the Malaysian standard forms of contract i.e.  PAM, IEM, JKR, CIDB, with peripheral reference to the new Malaysian contract, AIAC Standard Form of Building Contract 2018 Edition and a common international contract, the New Engineering Contract (NEC).

Training topics include:

  • Subcontracting &  Health and Safety at Work (Thursday, 19 Apr 2018) – Completed;
  • Instructions and Variations & Practical Completion and Defects (Wednesday, 27 June 2018);
  • Payments, Final Account and CIPAA (Thursday, 26 July 2018);
  • Extension of Time (Wednesday, 29 Aug 2018);
  • Loss and/or Expense (Thursday, 27 Sep 2018);
  • Termination and Determination & Dispute Resolution/Avoidance (Thursday, 25 Oct 2018);
  • Construction Contract Law Principles & Procurement Systems and Contractual Arrangements (Thursday, 29 Nov 2018)
  • Tender and Contract Documentation and Obligations, Principles of Measurement and BQ Preparation &  Value Management (Thursday, 20 Dec 2018); and
  • Effective Project and Risk Management & Bonds and Insurances (Thursdays, 24 Jan 2019).

For further information, please download the brochure here.

This training course is endorsed and recognized by ICES. Participants who attend at least six of the nine sessions will be eligible for advice from BK SURCO as to their potential for ICES membership and guidance with their applications for membership, subject to meeting the requirements for particular membership grades.


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